2017 Rules

2017 Selections and Results
2017 Pool Info

$80 per board (No limit on number of boards per person)

Select 14 Golfers
2 from Group A  ---       2 from Group B ---      3 from Group C
3 from Group D ---        2 from Group E ---      2 from Group F

Participant with most money from all 14 golfers, wins!

Email your selections (no fax or mail). Email can include board or just golfers names in body of the email. Email to thephantom@trackphantom.com

Venmo or Check Go HERE to sign up for a free Venmo account to transfer money. Please do not say Masters, Gambling, etc. as they could shut it down. Just put the names of anyone you're paying for. 

If you're sending a check, it needs to be received by Wednesday, April 5th or you will be disqualified and the check, when it arrives, will be shredded. 

Address to send check: No check option in 2018

2017 Payout
Masters Links
2017 Masters Pool Recap

Scott McGregor won the 21st Masters Pool.  McGregor won when Sergio Garcia won in a sudden death playoff of Justin Rose. McGregor also finished 11th and 14th and picks up $10,660. He used a unique strategy by submitting 11 boards and it paid off with a huge payout. Had Justin Rose won, he would have won $3,600, so it was a $7,060 difference when  Garcia won in sudden death. Well done to Scott McGregor.

Bruce Nakamura finished second and $5,000 second place money. Nick Bjerken finished third and picked up $3,600.  

Nick Fennell finished fourth just $6,062 behind Fennel and wins $2,600.  Jason Middaugh rounded out the top 5 and recieved $2,000 for his 5th place finish.

Had Justin Rose won in the playoff, Abraham Cesin would have won the pool. As it stands, it cost him $7,400 when Rose lost (he picked up 7th).  The Official Top 25 on the left below and the top 25 had Justin Rose won on the right.
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2017 MASTERS POOL  21st Year