2016 Rules

2016 Masters Board
2016 Pool Info
$80 per board (No limit on the number of boards per person)

Select 14 Golfers
2 from Group A  ---  2 from Group B --- 3 from Group C
3 from Group D ---   2 from Group E --- 2 from Group F

Participant with most money won from all 14 golfers, wins!

EMAIL YOUR SELECTIONS (no fax or mail). The email can include the board or just the golfers names in the body of the email. Email selections to thephantom@trackphantom.com

PAY PAL ONLY! Must use the Friends and Family Option to avoid a fee. If you do not use this option, you'll be removed.  

To send via Pay Pal, use thephantom@trackphantom.com as the email to send the payment to.  

DO NOT MENTION POOLS OR MASTERS. In the notes, just type your name (or names if the money is covering more than just your board). Pay Pal can shut you down if they feel the money is being used for gambling purposes.

2016 Results
Masters Info
Pool Recap

Tommy Lyons won the 20th Masters Pool.  Lyons had both the winner, Danny Willett and the runner-up, Jordan Spieth.  He ended up with a total $4,222,667 prize money won. That was $23,417 ahead of the 2nd place finisher, Rick Salzman. He totaled $4,199,250.  

Lyons and runner-up Salzman got lucky when Dustin Johnson double-bogeyed 17 and dropped from 2nd place. Had Dustin Johnson remained in 2nd, Larry Douglas, who ended up 5th, would have won the pool.

Lyons received a Masters record $8,000 for his win.  Rick Salzman took home $4,000 for second place.  Anthony Wilder picked up third place money, $3,000.  He was more than $110,000 behind second place.

Andrew Dale finished just $4,467 behind the third place winner. His fourth place finish earned him $2,000.

Larry Douglas was not only stung by the poor finish from Dustin Johnson. He was the only player in the top 5 that didn't have Louis Oosthuizen. If you didn't see his hole-in-one...google it!  It was a ridiculous, once in a lifetime shot.  Larry still took home $1,000 for fifth place.

The rest of the top 15 finishers are listed above.

Thank you to all you participated.

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