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2015 Rules

2015 Masters Board
2015 Master Tracking Selections
Pool Info
$70 per board

No limit on the number of boards per person

Golfers are divided into 6 groups

Select 14 Golfers
  • 2 from Group A
  • 2 from Group B
  • 3 from Group C
  • 3 from Group D
  • 2 from Group E
  • 2 from Group F

Total all purse money won by your 14 golfers

Person with highest total money won, wins!
2015 Champion - Judy Perrault

2015 Payouts
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2012/2013/2014 Masters Pool Results

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Judy Perrault takes the 19th Masters Pool

Judy Perrault captured the 2015 Masters pool and the record $8,000 prize. She ended up with $4,255,600 in purse money won. It was over $243,000 ahead of the runner-up, David Neish, Jr.  He narrowly got 2nd place (by just $16,000) and picked up $4,500.  Curtis Hansen was third and won $3,500.  Dan Kelly won $2,430 when he ended up 4th, about $20,000 ahead of 5th place finisher, Karen Valento.  Karen won this pool in 2001 and was the runner-up in 2010.  She takes home $2,000 for 5th. 

The rest of the top 10 was Curt Przyborowski ($1,500), Timmy Wozniak ($1,300), Tom Lee ($1,200), Erik Rogers ($1,100) and DJ Schmidt ($1,000).

Forrest Lehman and Robin Hoffos were 384th and 385th and picked up the two $50 Second Swing Gift Cards.