2014 Rules

2014 Masters Board
Pool Info
$50 per board 

No limit on the number of boards per person

Golfers are divided into 6 groups

Select 14 Golfers
  • 2 from Group A
  • 2 from Group B
  • 3 from Group C
  • 3 from Group D
  • 2 from Group E
  • 2 from Group F

Total all purse money won by your 14 golfers

Person with highest total money won, wins!

2014 Payouts
Masters Links and Information
2012/2013 Masters Pool Results

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Scott McDonald WINS!
Scott McDonald won the 18th Annual Masters Pool. He collects the largest prize ever awarded, $7,000.  He finished in front of Sandy Corazalla by over $66,000.   He had the winner, Bubba Watson, along with the two tied for second, Jordan Spieth and Jonas Blixt.  

Sandy Corazalla picked up $3,500 for finishing second.  That is larger than the winner's payout in all but the last 3 Masters.  Brent Godbout finished 3rd some $50,000 out of 2nd.  Brent will pick up $2,000 for his third place finish.  Dave Hintermeister came in 4th for $1,500 and Bob Schoenecker rounded out the top five and will take home $1,250.  

Phil Flores finished 6th and won a cool $1,000.  $1,000 was the winner's share ten years ago (in 2004).  Jarrett Korfhage was 7th ($850).  Brian Rak was 8th ($750).  Derek Kropp was 9th ($650) and David Poliseno was 10th ($600). 

Richard From and Adam Weiland finished second to last and last and will be awarded with $50 2nd Swing Gift Certificates.
Next Pool
In June, we will be running the 2014 U. S. Open Pool.  In addition, we might run a pool for the World Cup (Soccer).   We are still considering the proper format for that pool.   More information will be forthcoming.

Payments and Payouts
If you haven't done so, please send in your check to Jason Dario ASAP.  It is quite a lot of work to collect and tabulate the money.  We've never had an issue over the 18 years of running these pools but you can help cut down on the administration by sending in the payment right away.  Payouts will occur once all money is collected (likely payout is week of April 21st). 

2015 Masters Pool May Be Enhanced
We are considering a modification to the Masters Pool in 2015 that incorporates the 4 Majors.  The basic idea is to devote a percentage (likely 25%) to Major Survivor component.  The top 40 finishers in the Masters would move on to the U.S. Open pool.  The top 20 in the U.S. Open would move on to the British Open. Finally, the top 10 from the British Open would compete in the PGA Championship where the payouts to the top 5 would occur.

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