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Scott wins Masters; Perpich wins Masters Pool

Adam Scott beat Angel Cabrera on the 2nd hole of a playoff to win the 2013 Masters.  As a result, Bill Perpich won the 17th Masters Pool and the highest 1st prize ever rewarded of $5,000.

He narrowly edged Eric Bigham by roughly $5,000 total purse money.  The top 10 (plus last two place finishers) and pool money won below.
Pool Recap

Bill Perpich Wins

Adam Scott sank a 15 foot birdie putt on the 10th hole (2nd playoff hole) to win the 2013 Masters over Angel Cabrera.  It was an exciting finish to a really good Masters Tournament.  It had everythig from a 14 year old making the cut after a penalty for slow play to a potential DQ of Tiger Woods to a first ever Australian to win the Masters, not to mention a 2nd consecutive playoff.  

Both players made amazing birdies on the 18th hole to get into the playoff.  Cabrera missed chipping in on the first playoff hole by about the length of a cat whisker.   

Now to the important part!!  Bill Perpich became the 17th Masters Pool winner.  He was one of only three people to have the Adam Scott/Angel Cabrera combo.  He narrowly beat Eric Bigham by $5,700 total purse money.  That is basically 1 spot either by any of his, or Bill's, golfers.

What makes it potentially harder to swallow is the fact that Eric had Kevin Na on his board.  Kevin Na was 5 over for his day and 9 over for the tournament.  He took a 10 on the par 3 12th hole by way of hitting into the water not once, not twice but three times.  That disaster cost Eric Bigham the Masters Pool victory.

Mira Young was the third of three to have the Scott/Cabrera combination.  However, she $93,000 behind Perpich.  

Dave Valento was fourth based on the play of Jason Day.  He was the leader with the Adam Scott/Jason Day combo.  This means if Jason Day had finished 2nd, he would have won the pool.

Greg Palm grabbed the fifth spot and the $1,000 fifth plaze prize money.  He'll be happy to know that just 9 years ago, the year that Phil Mickelson won his first green jacket, that was the winners take.  

Mel Dario had another huge showing.  He won the pool in 2012 and this year he finished 6th.  He was just $3,000 behind 5th place.  He collects $800 for his high finish in 2013.

Robert Lehmann was 7th and picks up $700.  He was 388k behind the winner.

Michael Marston kept up his amazing run.  He won the NCAA Bowl Pool for the college bowl season ($3,200).  He would have picked up 1st and 4th in the March Madness Pool ($3,450) had Michigan won.  Now, he picked up 8th place in the Masters Pool and grabbed another $600.  He also finished 3rd in the 2010 Masters Pool.  He might have to start going with the moniker of "Pool Guru".

Ryan McKay finished 9th.  He collects $500 and was about $500,000 from the winners puse total.

Pat Ryan finished 10th and receives $400.  He was $506,000 behind the winner but roughly $90,000 ahead of 11th.

Finally, the husband and wife team (I believe they are husband and wife) of Barb Raynolds and Randy Raynolds finished last and second to last.  They both will receive a $50 2nd Swing Gift Card.  Once again, thank you to Russ Higgins for this donation to the pool.
Angel Cabrera's Playoff Defeat Costly For Some

Playoffs in the Masters are getting more and more common.  There was a playoff in 2012 and again this year.   For some participants, the final outcome of Adam Scott over Angel Cabrera was costly (see screen shot below).

Perpich and Bingham would have remained 1st and 2nd had Cabrera won.  Todd Anthony would have moved up from 14th (out of the money) to 3rd ($1,600).  Mira Youg would have slipped from 3rd to 4th ($400 difference).

Many others would have moved up dramatically (green highlight) to hit the board and receive a payout.  The red highlight are those that dropped in money won had Cabrera won.

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