Pool Data

161 Boards = $8,050 Pool

$4,000  -  1st
$2,000  -  2nd
$1,400  -  3rd
$650     -  4th
$50 GC -  5th (2nd Swing)
$50 GC - Last (2nd Swing)
Player / Pool Interesting Facts

42% of the boards have Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods (68 boards)
90% of the boards have Fred Couples from Group E (145 boards)
97% of the players are selected at least once (5 not selected)
44% of boards have Matsuyama and Cantlay (71 boards)
15% of the boards have Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods (24 boards)
95% of the boards have one of the big 3: Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy.  Only 9 boards do not have one of them.
134 different people are participating to make up the 161 boards
Pool Recap

Mel Dario won the 2012 Masters Pool as he was the only participant to select both the winner, Bubba Watson and the runner-up, Louis Oosthuizen.   Dario's stable of golfers collected a pool record of $3,157,280.  This was some $800,000 ahead of 2nd place, also a record.   He collected $4,000 for his first place finish.   It was the first Masters Pool win for Mel Dario.  Congratulations go out to Mel Dario in winning the richest pool in the 16 year history.

James Green moved into 2nd when Bubba Watson won in the playoff with Louis Oosthuizen.  The runner-up spot was hanging in the balance and the Watson win was enough for Green to gather the $2,000 runner-up prize. Other than 2011, the $2,000 prize would have equaled or suprassed any other year.  He finished $130,000 ahead of third place.  His biggest difference maker was the nice Sunday round by Ian Poulter.  

Steve Dahl ended up 3rd in a tight finish for the 3rd and 4th spots.  He ended up only $67,000 ahead of 4th.  Lee Westwood's long birdie putt on 18 was worth an additional $750 for Dahl.  The difference between 3rd and 4th.  He ended up with the $1,400 third place prize.

Bruce Downey picked up the last money spot when he finished 4th.  He takes home $650 for that finish.  Jason Duffner's collapse really hurt his chances for a higher finish.  

Leigh Ann Korfhage finished 5th and picks up a $50 2nd Swing Gift Card.  

Troy Miller finished dead last and also picked up a $50 2nd Swing Gift Card.

Once again, we appreciate the 2nd Swing Gift Cards from Russ Higgins.  Russ has also generously offered a 10% off for any used purchase for the month of April for anyone in this pool.   They have about 20,000 used clubs and you'll get a free fitting with a purchase.   If you are interested, please reach out to Russ Higgins at russ@2ndswing.com or 651-964-3018.  Website is www.2ndswing.com
Painful finish for Hankes, Marichal and O'Brien

While Mel Dario had no anxious moments towards the end of the Masters, there was a lot on the line for 2nd, 3rd and 4th.   When Oosthuizen couldn't close the deal (despite a double eagle), it cost Jon Hankes $2,000.  Had Louis Oosthuizen won, Hankes would have finished 2nd.

Also hindered were Gerard Marichal and Dan O'Brien.  They were the only others to have Oosthuizen to win and would have finished 3rd and 4th.  

Overall, only 4 players had Oosthuizen while 7 players had Bubba Watson to win.  

Below are the actual top 10 compared to the alternate top 10 had Oosthuizen won:
2012 Final Results (Watson winning)
2012 Final Results (Oosthuizen winning)
Category Leaders

The top golfers from each category:  
A) Bubba Watson  
B) Louis Oosthuizen  
C) Peter Hanson   
D) Kevin Na   
E) Fred Couples   
F) Patrick Cantlay   

2012 MASTERS POOL  16th Year

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