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ARIZONA - When roof open ball carries more, when shut, not as much.  High altitude, ball carries, fly-ball pitchers can struggle when wind out

BOSTON - Small ballpark, green monster, foul balls easily in stands.  Strike out pitchers needed here as contact pitchers will get hurt.

CHICAGO WHT SX- Homerun hitter park.  Fly-ball pitchers will have a tough time in this stadium.

CINCINNATI- Major homerun hitter park.  Fly-ball pitchers have trouble here.

COLORADO- Well known for being a hitter friendly park.  Right handed hitters do well here.

KANSAS CITY- Hitter friendly park. When it is hot in the summer months, ball really travels.

MILWAUKEE- Roof keeps cold out in April and May. Hitter friendly, ball travels.  Ground-ball pitcher ok.

PHILADELPHIA- One of the best hitters parks in all of baseball.  When hot, ball really travels, high temps.

SAN FRANCISCO- Tough to hit homers but due to the deep fences, doubles and triples have increased.  Leaning towards a hitters park.

TEXAS- One of the best hitters parks that rewards power, esp left-handed power.  Fly-ball pitchers get hammered at this field.

TORONTO- Hitters park especially when the roof is open.  Ground-ball pitchers get hurt some here.

CHICAGO CUBS- Wind plays everything here.  That is why lines are not posted until day of game. Wind out = runs.  Wind in = low scoring.

CLEVELAND- Pretty fair park that leans to a pitchers park.  Team with left-handed pitchers can do well, 17 foot wall in left-field.

DETROIT- Has trended both as a hitters park and pitchers park in the last 10 years.  Lately, runs are up but could be due to potent DET team.

HOUSTON- Roof closed most of the time and that tends to make games lower scoring.  However, summer months, if roof open, plays small.

LOS ANGELES DODG- Used to be a pitchers park due to massive foul areas but they have been reduced.  Scoring has increased.  Jury stilll out.

NEW YORK YANK- Stadium is only a year old so the data just doesn't support a trend either way.

PITTSBURGH- Been trending as a neutral location with a slight lean to pitchers park due to the open outfield.

SAINT LOUIS- Plays pretty evenly.  Not many homeruns hit but the short foul gounds make up for it.

TAMPA BAY- Depends on teams.  Power hitting teams (BOS) struggle. Fast turf caters to ground-ball pitchers and speedy contact hitters.

WASHINGTON- Stadium too new to get a very good read and the early returns are that it plays very fair. No advantage either way.

ATLANTA- Pitcher friendly, especially in the spring. During the warmer, summer months, the runs will increase some but overall a pitchers park

BALTIMORE- They grow the grass a bit higher so a ground-ball type pitcher might do well here.  High wall in right field knocks down homers.

FLORIDA- Vast space in outfield really helps a fly-ball pitcher here.  Grass is lightning fast so speedy contact hitter could get extra bases.

LOS ANGELES ANG- Ground-ball pitchers do well at this park.  Need a good center fielder that can cover ground as that area is very open.

MINNESOTA- One of the most difficult places to hit a home run in.  Newer stadium is really a fly-ball pitchers dream.

NEW YORK METS- Another stadium that opened in 2009 but all signs point to this being a pitcher friendly location.

OAKLAND- At night, very low scoring.  Also, when damp and cold, runs drop off the table.  Infield is fast.  Plays to a pitchers park overall. 

SAN DIEGO- Pitchers paradise.  Fly-ball pitchers do well.  One thing to consider when looking at SD pitching data as they have an advantage.

SEATTLE- Seattle is sea-level and has a dense, humid climate which makes it difficult to hit with any power.  Very much a pitchers park.
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