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"I like the present format of your website. Very concise and easy to read. Contents printable on one page is very convenient.  Your thoughts on best bet, live longshot, ultra longshot and pick 4 ticket are very useful.  I am basically a pick 3 and pick 4 player, so finding a potential key horse at a decent price is important.  This is especially helpful to players like myself who generally bet between $18 and  $30 on these tickets."   - Walter N.
"I was able to take your selections in key races at Sam Houston and hit three separate Trifectas for over $300 in winnings."   - Steve J.
"I really like your new layout.  Two weeks ago, your last 5 races at Sam Houston returned about $6000 in the pick 5.  Your website layout is attractive and easy to navigate. My one suggestion would be to explain race by race which are your strongest selections so that multi-race wagers could be formulated using key horses."   - Anonymous
"Your website is one of the best. I really like the way you analyze each race. Your description on each contender is enough info to help me make a better decision, whether I agree or not.   While using your analysis, I was able to hit a large pick 4 at Santa Anita and another at Del Mar.  Having been around the race track as a player and an owner, I find that you are in the top three handicappers.  I usually only play So Cal tracks." - Paul E.
"Your website is very easy to use and navigate. I have been mainly using your Southern California plays and find it to be very useful information.  You find horses most people, like me, overlook. I will continue to purchase from you when analysis is available.  You charge a very fair price for the information given."   - Peter F.
"As a long-time horse player, I like the Phantom's handicapping philosophy.  Unlike some handicappers, he seems to think independently with respect to each race i.e. not necessarily leaning to the morning line favorites but rather looking for potential value in every horse.  I have learned to trust his judgment so when he likes a favorite or identifies a longer shot in his top picks in a particular race that does not necessarily agree with my thoughts, I make sure to go back over my picks.  I rarely play Sam Houston but on January 28, 2014 (since he provided the analysis for free) I dabbled in the races and in the last race hit a 14-1 shot (12-1 morning line) that the Phantom recommended, a first-time starter in a mile turf race and a horse I would have ordinarily thrown out automatically."   - Paul W.
"I found out about you on TVG three Tuesdays ago.  I followed your Sam Houston picks and was about even until the last race when you picked a 1st timer that won easy and paid over $30 to win.  I had the exacta and trifecta.  I love to play horses with good reasons to bet them and you had a strong reason for betting that 1st timer.  Thank you and great luck."   - Richie R.
"Dear Track Phantom, I am writing to let u know that I think your racing analysis is great.  I have navigated through your website and I have found that it is very easy to use and the prices are responsible. I have also followed your picks on (pros picks) whenever I play that track.  Thanks for loving the sport and taking the time to share your wisdom. An aspiring handicapper."   - Neptaili L.
"The picks and information Track Phantom provides are constantly good. The coin flip horses I that almost used to always side wrongly with before, rarely occur these days because of the angles and insight that the Track Phantom gets me thinking about." - Nik L.
"I appreciate your efforts making racing more understandable and profitable for the average player. I know how much work goes into your handicapping every day and I appreciate the time and effort you give. Your website is easy to understand and navigate. Your sheets are well thought out. You are clear on reasons for the choices you make and are decisive."   - Larry H.
"There was a pick 3 I played at Sam Houston at the end of January, where I added your selection to the final leg based on your analysis. The result was a $300 pick 3 on the a $1 ticket.   I had a similar situation last year playing Canterbury where again I added your selection based on your analysis resulting in a pick 4 in the $2500 range I believe on a thin ticket.  I consider myself a good handicapper but what I like about your analysis is your ability to pick out those horses I don’t see, especially at juicy odds.  I don’t expect you to be able to do it all the time but when you do, it makes for a big payday.  I don’t need advice from handicappers who give me mostly 8-5 shots, as I probably spotted that one on my own. I find the comments to be very useful as I like to know why you made a selection.  Another thing  I like is that you don’t offer betting advice or strategy." - Jim D.
"The website and format are easy to navigate through.  Your detailed comments on your "Key Race Analysis" give an in depth look at that race and will help narrow down the list of contenders and non contenders.  I really like the fact that you give out long shots and prices throughout the cards.   If I were to make a suggestion, it would be to list the "strength of each race".  Knowing what races you have a "stronger handicapping opinion" in would help in our money management throughout the card and help us plan accordingly."   - Greg R.
"I have used Phantom picks and analysis and find that they provided me with valuable insight that I don't uncover with my own pace projection handicapping.  Using your own method and The Phantoms unique approach will increase your hit rate and R O I." - Jack H.
"Track Phantom had a $240 pick 4 ticket for viewing and although that is a bit much for me personally, it would have paid off big time. I found that Track Phantom had the winners of all four races in his top 3 and the Pick 4 ticket cashed over $8,000.00. I have been using his analysis since and have been more successful than ever."   - Heath L.
"I am an "old hat" at the game of handicapping horses (30+ years).   Sometimes, it is useful to have added insight.  I have played serious money on some of your "free plays" and  also purchased a few of your cards when I felt the need of some "help" in handicapping a card. (I owe you BIG thanks for some some nice scores!)   I did so because I'm convinced you are more talented than most those other "popular" touts. My advice to you would be to provide this insight in the form of more handicapping details, like what makes a stand-out for you, why you would play one horse over all others in a certain race, even the favorite, etc." - Ahmed A.
"I enjoy your insight and use it in conjunction with my handicapping to help with tough decisions or when I'm leaning one way or another on a particular race or horse.  Your analysis, while detailed, is easy to understand and is valuable to novices such as myself as well as the experienced handicapper.

I appreciate the amount of free analysis you provide including Sam Houston recently.  Overall I think you have a nice layout of the product. I would recommend some type of color coding to replace the confidence rating. One color for strong bets, one for bets and one for bet at your own risk.

Thank you for producing your analysis. I tell everyone I know who bets thoroughbreds to try out your service."   - Glenn F.
"I'm a t'bred owner and breeder and am new to Track Phantom.  I have had success using TP reports and adding my own spin. I truly like the format and analysis. I like the best bet, long shot, and ultra long shot. 

In terms of the verbal analysis for each race on a particular card, I believe Track Phantom provides just the right amount of information, background and general history. I have found other handicap analysis to be overloaded and at times too much information to digest. It's not a complicated business; it's more a matter of using personal knowledge, available data and general field conditions. In that sense I believe the Track Phantom analysis is spot on."   - Frank A.
"I have been following the "Track Phantom" for a few years now. His home track is Canterbury which I like to play during the summer months, particularly evening cards.  All I can say is "Top Notch" work. The depth of which the TP goes into researching selections, providing the reasons behind the selections, coupled with just "plain and simply" knowing MN horses and Canterbury better then anyone I have come acrossed, makes his handicapping sheet a requirement. 

I think Phantom is an excellent handicapper or I wouldn't be spending my money to benchmark his selections against my own handicapping. Sometimes the P-4's are a little rich for my blood as I don't like to invest much more then about $50 - $100 on a P-4. But hey, it is my choice as to whether I want to play them or not. I have seen him hit some four figure payouts, which validates his selections." - Ed B.
"I have been tracking T.P.'s picks for over six months now and I would have never paid for another round unless his success rate had established his credibility."   - Dominic A.
"The web site is open and easy to follow.  Some websites I have seen are so cluttered it is hard to figure out what to do.  The process is quick and easy when ordering sheets.  I like the layout of the races.  Having them all on one page is much easier to use.  The information you add is clear and very useful.  Keep it coming and think about doing that full analysis sheet at least for things like the Triple Crown and Breeders Cup." - Dennis H.
"I am an avid handicapper.  Living in MN I attend Canterbury Park races and handicap them exclusively during their racing season.  Even though I believe I am pretty “in the know” I have on multiple occasions used Track Phantom to see what, if anything, I have missed.  I have found Track Phantom almost always has a valuable tidbit about a particular horse that I didn’t know or missed.  This has been very helpful in either including or eliminating from my multi-race wagers.  If you’re wagering $100+ per card, this is a pretty small investment to make sure you’ve looked under every rock."   - Dennis G.
"I studied and used your analysis from 2/11 on Sam Houston Race track. I really like the format, and the race of the day detailed summary. I also enjoyed your picks for every race, with 4 selections  in each race. It is very easy to read. I would like to know if there was a horse running at the selected track, that was say , “better”, than just the best bet of the day, say like a 5 star selection. But all in all I enjoyed it. I generally just play Oaklawn Race track, but I did enjoy your site." - Rob C.
"I have been using Track Phantom analysis for the last year and find his insight quite useful.  I don't have the time to go back and watch replays so his trip handicapping can be valuable.  He seems to have good insight on So Cal racing and big days around the country.  I would like to see more bets and how he structures them other than just P4 and P6.  The website can be difficult to navigate from a phone or tablet (maybe develop a mobile app).  I am also interested in what he uses for handicapping (form, rag or thorograph).  I use thorograph and find them quick and easy to use."   - Tim C.
"I'm a retired 62 yo male and was first introduced to your service a couple of months ago when a friend sent me a copy. I used it that day and found it easy to use. I liked that it was only 2 pages and included a short narrative. I actually won money using it.  I like to do my own handicapping, but often like to use a service to identify angles I might overlook or miss, so the narrative portion is certainly of value.   I especially like the live long shots that actually have a valid chance to win and often do.  I will usually use these in my exotics too." - Larry C.
"I try to look at your comments on California racing when I can.  I remember two years ago at Del Mar it seemed like you were picking one bomb after another.  I like the proposed tickets that you give out – I love the pick 5 and pick 6 and appreciate the different angles and stats that I don’t see elsewhere." - Bob W.
"Thanks for the Santa Anita analysis, I didn't make it to the track today but I watched most of the SA races online. Your SA analysis page is good.  The only changes that I would suggest is adding a legend for inexperienced  players. You have some symbols explained, but inexperienced players need the legend. The pick 4 bracket looked like a graphic at first, you may consider highlighting that it is a pick 4 tip. Everything  is very good, overall you have a good product."   - Bill I.
Feedback from the players who have used Track Phantom analysis
"I recently purchased a full card analysis.  The layout is very clear and easy to use with everything on one page.  It is not just a set of numbers but information to help you make your own decisions.  The handicapping is not computer generated, but done the best way by a real person.  This gives you a better chance to pick up some nice long shots.   The cost is low enough to make it a nice addition to your own handicapping.  I would recommend this to anyone interested in some serious betting."   - Dennis H.
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