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Why Track Phantom?
  • Track Phantom was designed with a serious horseplayer in mind.  The strategy when handicapping for those players is to try and identify the "not so easy to see" data points.   The savvy player can read the form and make his own hypothesis.   Track Phantom will always try to point out details that are often overlooked.

  • We are constantly taking a peek at others that offer either free or pay analysis and information.  Quite frankly, there is a lot of "information" that is completely worthless.  It is staggering how few good public handicappers there are.  Most either "surface" handicap or state the obvious.   Track Phantom is working hard to stay out of that group.

How Does Track Phantom Handicap?
  • After trying many methods in the '80's and '90's, Track Phantom has settled on a unique style of handicapping.  It is primarily digging for information that is not readily available in the racing form.  Trainer patterns, trip handicapping, back breeding and other details are what Track Phantom pays attention to.  The goal is to augment the savvy horseplayer with a few extra variables to consider when making a final decision.

  • Track Phantom is of the opinion that good 'capping takes time.  He will routinely put in 2, 3, 4 or more hours on a single card.  For this reason, he usually doesn't put out more than 1 (and almost never more than 2) race card analysis in a single day.

How to Use Track Phantom's Analysis?
  • Consider all runners Track Phantom has identified.  Phantom is less about picking winners and more about locating key pieces of data.  Consider Track Phantom's confidence rating and use your own opinions and integrate into your own decisions.  
Does Track Phantom Offer Betting Tips?
  • Track Phantom will almost always stay out of the betting side of the game (with the exception of small, medium and large pick 4's on big days).   There is no way to project the readers bankroll or betting tolerance, not to mention their goals for approaching each day of wagering.  The player should make wagering decisions on their own.

  • While betting is the most important thing a player can do, it cannot be advised without detailed knowledge of the player.   Each player should strategize their betting based on their confidence in identifying a race hypothesis.  There are many betting options and structure would be difficult to parse to each player.  

Does Track Phantom Win?
  • Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  Track Phantom is no different than every other player.  When proper discipline and money management is combined with dedicated research winning is highly possible.  

  • Track Phantom has won quite a few 5 digit tickets highlighted by a $38,000 pick 4 in 2012 at Del Mar.  That pick 4 sequence was "touted" in his tip sheet.  He had 2 on top and 2 others were picked 2nd.

What Makes Track Phantom Different?
  • Experience and agile thinking.  Track Phantom has handicapped hundreds of thousands of races.  That experience is valuable when combined with an ability to adjust principles to the uniqueness of every race.  

  • Track Phantom is not as concerned with picking winners (like most public handicappers) but with information augmentation.  The vast majority of Track Phantom followers are solid, professional handicappers in their own right. Feeding additional data to these players is the differentiator.
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